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Soul honor the Rift push dynamic world war


The Asian-server Rift will be on October 23 of the first measurement test, the players will experience to this section in the European and American market get great success high-quality goods online masterpiece, took five years cost as much as $50 million the test undoubtedly make players have a lot to look forward to, one of the most concern, when is the stochastic dynamic crack system and high free soul talent system.


Crack system, namely "space-time crack of large field battle content, in the game will random refresh from different level world crack invasion biology, they will destroy everything village construction, players regardless of faction race must unite resist invasion, for example crack invasion is no number, grade, professional limited full server field copy.collaboration between the player interaction, enriched the space-time crack field game content.


Be worth what carry is crack refresh is random, players in the field that may be encountered with random appear at any time the ectopic surface space crack, between players each, can go to block are support monsters, can against the BOSS, can even with plane invasion monster cooperation against players of the opposing faction, with be fond of playing in the crack battlefield role, the official crack the randomness and open, make the space and time crack "field content more dynamic.



In addition to crack system besides, the time and space crack "" soul tree" system is also a great player attention focal point, in the game each class have 8 kinds of different soul talent, the player can freely choose three kind of talent training for different special skills and passive skills, can become a specialization a talent tanks or nurse, may also become a warrior's mage or archers, etc., as high as 2340 kinds of soul talent mix, but also for players with the role growth of infinite possibility, and develop the exclusive oneself personality character.


Along with soul talent system dynamic culture brings is between players of PVP kaleidoscope, never look down upon any look meat can't help wind career, because the players creative talent culture conditions of every role is unique, they will burst out different personality professional characteristics, consider on the battlefield you meet a warriors also intrepid mage, than the mage is also good at magic archer you will be what kind of expression, it is also the infinite possible career training greatly promoted the space-time crack of the characteristics of PVP, let players battle between the more dynamic.


Whether random world events "crack system" or soul talent system, the time and space crack "will be able to build highly dynamic game world, the game dynamic will be grand" space-time crack "on the future development of online a bold attempt, it will for players with different from traditional network game experience, dynamic world battlefield imminent, let us together look forward to the clothes open beta time coming!

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