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Rift's strengths and weaknesses

Expert pet trainers and archers, advantage lies in the long distance shooting, and the pet can be taken in melee enemy. Without a pet with ranger, no doubt is just a crispy archers, very easy to die, because armor is too thin.

As a stealth professional night blade prefer wearing light armour, and this profession not only players imaginary dressed in black cloak thieves. Instead, he also has a crack god domain fire and death magical ability, this advantage for the extra power faster kill their ambush enemy. Night blade has rapidly agility and good at using edge dagger, excellent stealth ability can be the enemy in the ambush a strike will kill, but it also means this profession must be sacrificed a counterattack and parry ability, in the strikes back is particularly hard.


Night blade is good at stealth proficient dagger, which can be quickly and quietly silent kill the enemy, and at the same time they also familiar with mysterious magic skills that make them in battle can cause more various damage. They are not good at a protracted war, because the armour is too thin, skill and can not make too much counterattack, so only suitable for general sneak attack, follow up hurriedly conceals up fighting.

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