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Rift talent introduction

After a period of narrative faction background animation, players will be in the new village raised, after god make explanation, crosses the line between life and death players have can the soul of ancestors and the ability to communicate, first with god make conversation, can be the first drop soul (select talent).


In addition to 8 kinds of talent selection outside also learns two passive skill

Each talent have their respective design concept; To the priest, it holy hall guard soul (Sentinel) focus on reducing injury skills, and inquisitor soul (Inquistor) is designed to focus on their own, these two skills with the morning, and the priests can also when the main tanks. In addition to strengthen his teammates, melee damage, remote damage, treatment and continuous type damage and weaken the enemy, a total of eight system design of the tree. Although each class has the 8 series talent, but their expression, system are different.


The choice of talent tree with progress after release

To strengthen the power of the elements, the mage is no longer melee meat foot
For example mages and priests as long as there is enough mana to cast skills, but no matter what the talent, the skills with the strength of the star number set about, skills cast order is a very important issue. Each class can from this 8 tree choose three system as a group, how to match watch player's choice. This seemingly will cause between players don't balance approach, but the crack Rift deliberately create effect, for long-term investment time study professional players, this is to give their reward.


Tie-in and proper can play the strongest advantage

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