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Rift on October 23 countries take the first test will launch micro end version

 Sina game - September 10th news, by Trion Worlds production, big game agency 3D online the space-time crack will be held on October 23 open the clothes first test, the latest version will be the new" Rift", the client to download that it only takes a few minutes.

According to official said, the time and space crack of the privilege of the first test activation code will be on September 13, began to extend, on the same day at apple iphone5 product launches, the reserve game privilege activation code user will have the chance to win iphone5 global starting edition.

The relevant person in charge said that the space-time crack "is considered the biggest innovation place, is one to all previous online" static ", "linear" game way, for players to create a "dynamic", fully "free" game world. In the general online, the player is fixed to follow the game developers have design good route to complete the task, upgraded, and the time and space crack "is through the dynamic Rift system and completely free skill tree and so on play, can let the players to experience a cannot by the game strategy general dynamic world.

The time and space crack "in Europe and the United States by the media and players called" Rift ", to the time and space crack "relevant responsible person, this be more willing to as a classic online successor appear.

He thinks that, the time and space crack "in the game, on the one hand, the handling, interface, the game on the way along the bearing the" world of warcraft "and other classic online setting, for players to fit the difficulty is low; On the other hand, its unique two big system - Rift and skill tree system, the static online the world into a can occur at unmeasurable change, at the same time allowing the player to completely free to decide for yourself play a dynamic world.

Another it is reported, the time and space crack "first time measurement will be in the latest version of the update with new micro end technology, players will need not download more G large client, just take a few minutes to download a dozens of times, the client can log in the game.

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