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Rift game operation is introduced


Choose the first talent, the first of the cathedral of came to watch the enchantment; The operation of the game is the same as with the general game, with simple WASD can be. Outside the church cemetery full of the dead, but of the town church also everywhere is not die monster invasion; Will these undead monster kill, can free their soul.


WASD has become the mainstream of the online game operation mode

Liberation these poor soul!
Later came to gate town, there are also filled with wandering evil spirits, players as long as these let the dead shall not peaceful device demolition, can save town.


The challenger faction go around with advanced mechanical device interference players
In new village experience after the first talent bring new skills and system after, will face the second choice. Find a priestess syrah dialogue, according to the experience of the experience before, to decide is to use the second talent to strengthen existing advantages, or to make the first talent weaknesses. Like some talent will give players call pet ability; The soul of a druid can summon forest essence, the soul of the shaman can summon stone fine to help enrich the or operations.


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