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Rift career choice is introduced

Choose the race, then choose like character classes. The two sides can choose professional there is no different, each have four basic professional can choose: warrior, the priests, thieves and mage, play online games are the most basic 4 kinds of division of labor, jotham, complement, melee output, remote output. But the crack: special Lana god domain "but let its derivative change infinite; For each class is designed with 8 talents, players can customize three series into a kind of, and have at the same time, therefore may meet with treatment and reduce the ability of injury of the priests, they can be produced with a magic element of the giant hammer for melee attack the mage.

Gen Angle the last step, look the same role adjustment of high degree of freedom and diversity. In addition to basic hairstyle, color outside, seldom appeared slight adjustment options, such as face contour (square, round, peak), superciliary appearance, the point of view of the eyes, the Angle of bridge of the nose, or even mouth size can let players free adjustment, variety of mix can easily identify exclusive unique role.

On the left is the thief, mage, the priests, four professional soldiers



Countries word face, eagles hook nose, which one would you prefer?

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