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Rift:Special Lana god domain seal test experience



Using the latest Unreal 3 image engine made the crack: Rift claim to having the most top lighting effects environment; In the game both day and night change or spells present, attracted numerous players in Europe and the United States within test activities. The game is the biggest characteristic of dynamic event system; Whether dangerous or surprise, no matter in where players, are likely to trigger the occurrence of special events at any time.


【 Faction choose introduction 】

The crack: Rift describe a war of the world Telara, the world just and dragons experience a devastating war, the but again taste from different space element biological invasion. Under the necessity, survivors leaders had to violation of life and death irreversible there is determined, the war dead players call back, to the head, transcend time and space to defend the world. However, even in survivors also has the difference of strife; The challenger (Defiant) school adhere to the people should hold the power of science self-reliance, opposition keeper (Guardian) who were believe this is god to give mortal one test, through the holy war, and would to god that god select qualifications.


The challenger faction everywhere in the machine



Guardian faction present solemn quiet breath
One into the game to first choice PvE, PvP, RP three server, one of the new players to join test, the proposal is given priority to with PvE; RP server based on role playing as heavy, in character name and dialogue have restrictions on. Then there is the challenger, guardian the two pie camp alternative to join, the following will be the guardian faction Angle to introduce.


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