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The Rift important characters


Dynamic world event system

Dynamic world event system can also be called as the crack system, is the RIFT "original a new game interaction system. Crack will random refresh in any location map, with, is a lot from element planes invaders, players must unite and beat those who tried to destroy all monsters, otherwise will probably make the whole Telara mainland into death and fear. Brave against the invaders and victory in battle players, will be in the game get more powerful ability and rich reward. Crack is big is small, larger crack need more players make concerted effort, just could win the final victory.

Open professional setting

The role of the changeable attribute collocation and flexible professional organization, is the RIFT "and a window, at present the game two camps each have the three RACES for the player chooses. Soldiers (Warrior), rangers, (Rogue), mages (Mage), the priest (Cleric), four professional Settings seem less than general MMO game, but through a similar talent system soul tree, can match a lot of different combinations. Every profession has its own unique eight soul trees, players can free collocation, optional three together, make own character presents different characteristics and obtain a new skills. Another role and several soul tree slot, each slot on can save a predetermined soul tree combination, in non-combat condition, the player can change at any time combination, or tanks or treatment, to experience the open professional setting bring game fun.

Epic underground city experience

The RIFT underground city as many as dozens of, they Telara distribution in each corners of the mainland, each a underground city has a beautiful story or mysterious legend, combined with the entire game story, can be gamers completely into a beautiful huan of United States annulus, the cracks in the crazy world. These underground city divided into can enter 1-2 players of small copies (Chronicles), can enter the 5 players of ordinary copies (Dungeons) and can enter the 10-20 players large copies (Raids), part of the underground city also provides a common, experts, hero three difficulty for the player to choose, random copy is make like PVE players have a large degree of freedom, can completely by oneself be fond of choice anytime and anywhere game content and won't feel bored weakness.

To one's heart's content of PvP combat

PVP is essential elements of network game, the RIFT "is no exception. The game has unique field camp for the system, the player can pass failure opposing camps camp console to capture the camp, and at the same time, the camp will begin to refresh yourself faction guards, to expand your faction's sphere of influence. Monomer PVP combat due to the existence of the soul tree system bring professional diversity and complexity of skills, make the whole PK process is full of variables, each player can predict the opponent's moves routines. And cross-realm battleground, entity fort (Warfronts) group PVP race also makes the game PK system filled with full enjoyment of infinite, rich PVP reward but also can stimulate the players great game enthusiasm.

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