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Soul honor the Rift push dynamic world war

Nov 18, 2018

The Asian-server Rift will be on October 23 of the first measurement test, the players will experience to this section in the European and American market get great success high-quality goods online masterpiece, took five years cost as much as $50 million

Rift's strengths and weaknesses

Nov 18, 2018

Expert pet trainers and archers, advantage lies in the long distance shooting, and the pet can be taken in melee enemy. Without a pet with ranger, no doubt is just a crispy archers, very easy to die, because armor is too thin.

Rift game operation is introduced

Nov 18, 2018

Choose the first talent, the first of the cathedral of came to watch the enchantment; The operation of the game is the same as with the general game, with simple WASD can be. Outside the church cemetery full of the dead, but of the town church also everyw

Rift talent introduction

Nov 18, 2018

After a period of narrative faction background animation, players will be in the new village raised, after god make explanation, crosses the line between life and death players have can the soul of ancestors and the ability to communicate, first with go

Rift career choice is introduced

Nov 18, 2018

Choose the race, then choose like character classes. The two sides can choose professional there is no different, each have four basic professional can choose: warrior, the priests, thieves and mage, play online games are the most basic 4 kinds of divisio

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