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Mists of Pandaria rare mob drops and 32 toys use is introduced

In the Mists of Pandaria, almost every new maps to join a large number of rare elite, these rare elite part in addition to drop random enchants blue outfit beyond, most will drop a valuable property, for example, can increase the whole pan Dali and the reputation of the 1000 points fate of props monkey long rod pipe, make all properties improve 500 point frantic crystal, make you have small DE "symbiosis" effect of excessive growth of water lily, etc.

Players experience:

MOP rare strange drop 32 toy including pet has set together! Share part the toy use, as well as the rare coordinates

Two pet have learned. So pack display only 30 items (buy cheap WOW items)in addition MOP each map has eight rare strange, a total of 56, only four winds Queensland laishan fear waste soil JingXiuGu these four map of rare drop toys.

The other three map of rare, just drop equipment and, a bag of material bag, can open: the wind flannelette, all kinds of ore, peaceful particles, fur.

In addition many toys have regional restriction, only in the pan Dali and map use, the individual thinks all toys, two baby drop is the lowest, rare refresh time should be an hour or so.

Personal advice you can first brush:

[Thrall for willingly] can be in any map use, use can be instantly disappear from combat and summons a lizard people attract monster note. 10 min cooldown drop this toy of rare in the four winds silk yarn mate the following the river coordinates 70 near 55 patrol non fixed refresh.

[Hardening of the shell] can take players from mount it shot down down, if you are a favorite outdoor PVP player, strongly recommend you of a, can be in any map use. 15 minute cooldown drop this toy of rare in Queensland laishan coordinates 64 and a small island fixed refresh

[Mr Punch copper compass] can be in any map use, can become a hero: death mine Mr Punch 2 hours cooling time duration ten minutes drop this toy of rare in JingXiuGu coordinates 88 42 fixed refresh

[Monkey beach ball] can be in any map use, also is the Cinderella toy an hour cooling time duration ten minutes drop this toy of rare in fear spoil coordinate 54 65 a nearby caves the mouth of the cave was hidden if is the first time to may find half a day fixed refresh.

[Far water conch] can be in any map use, this toy is actually the hunter eagle eye can see very far, playing Mr Hill may be useful. Ten minutes cooling time drop this toy of rare in Queensland laishan coordinates near 74 room not fixed refresh.

[Robbers gloves] if you are double mining professional players of strongly recommend you a, can make your collection article reading speed increased a times, drop the toy of rare in Queensland laishan ear swimming camp fire coordinate 48 near 80 patrol non fixed refresh.

[Ancient knowledge agent] consumption agent if you practice small words can consider to brush a few. After the drink can make your experience value is increased by 300% for one hour, the grade 84 above player invalid over binding to mail this item drop rare in fear spoil Kruger mulberry platform coordinates near 73 and not fixed refresh.

[Frenzy crystal] improve all properties 500 points, lasted one hour, can unlimited use of 15 minutes cooling time, drop the toy of rare in the four winds coordinates and near 26 fixed refresh

[Amber model form stick] can in any map use, can only be used for monsters, can make the target a minute can't attack you, but any damage can break this effect. Five minute cooldown. Drop the toy of rare in Queensland laishan coordinates and 80 fixed refresh.

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