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Was the Guild wars 2 account closure?

In recent days small make up see a lot of players in reflect their own guild wars 2 is difficult to account closure, error code and equally is 45 XXXX, if you make sure you buy is not black card, appear this kind of circumstance is to be able to pass to the official appeal to solve, below I will appeal method are given, if you can't make sure your key is legal, then there may be several explanation:

1, your key is black card, will be the permanent closure (Suggestions that are A club not directly closure part of this account is to the player can pass the original key activation of the account before, then character data and so on can still be saved)

2, you may because the violation of the rules of the game was blocked, and directly to A club appeal can solve

3 and other unknown reason, as long as it's not black card should can appeal to have to return to the account.


I think part of the picture is still very familiar with it.

Specific titles reason no more than just above the several, someone says with the VPN title is not scientific, because according to my investigation, a lot of people use VPN also appeared the same question, but with a lot of use VPN players also have not been titles, appear this kind of circumstance the best result is wait for three days account automatic deblocking, it means that your account is no problem, but before closure are will display the countdown closure how much you how many hours, this does not show so also not sure just closure three days.

If you feel account no problem, here are two solutions:

A way (by the Taiwan player guild wars and share) :

This error code a scepter: 3:21 14 is security mechanism lock. Please go to the official support page point to Ask you A Question asking questions, can release.

This information on behalf of the account is unknown IP intrusion many times! In order to protect the official account protective measures.

Show three things for verification:

1 becomes code), serial no.

2, while registering fill English nickname (display name)

3, your account name box (account name)

Two ways: direct appeal



According to the request and fill in the relevant material, note inside if really can't write can consult the player Freezingzero text, English OK players will write their own!

  Dear Staff,
  I was trying to log on to this lovely game,but i received an error saying that my account was suspended for stuff i had never ever done.im a civilized player who always have a nice attitude and behavior in the game ,Please unlock my account ASAP.
  Thank you!

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