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To guild wars 2 Suggestions: to improve dynamic events increase DotA mode

As a love guild wars 2 players, I sincerely hope that this game can more do well. But see A lot of people on this game comments, including domestic and foreign, plus my own experience in the game, I think A lot of places can change better, so I decided to pull out my fighting capacity only 5 English level, A club to write A letter of JianYiXin, don't expect they can at this change, but hope can bring them some put the game do better inspiration.


It recently posted in guild wars 2 PVE system vomit bad many, is mainly don't think WOW that need to clear the position of the copy of the team, I I think the guild wars 2 since hit to break WOW mode slogan, no need to add this makes a person gutty play back the content of WOW, really need to improve it puts forward new mode: dynamic world!


During the test a foreign players to guild wars 2 dynamic world idea expressed dissatisfaction, think guild wars 2 can be dynamic "events" instead of "the world". I played after about identity, don't know whether we still remember high-quality goods of this post, the top of head have BOSS flew over, you never know what will happen the next minute, the TM is guild wars 2 the true meaning of pve!!!!! But now the guild wars 2 didn't do this. For example, let the real dynamic world should be like this: Sagittarius attack villages, we didn't keep, well, the village was slaughter, but men don't like this silly stood there motionless, but put it into a base, continue to other area expansion, if we too sharply, well, human city also can appear Sagittarius (don't spit tank this ah, more real well, we can recover back! NPC killed in the body, still can resurrect), and so on, reoccupy Sagittarius occupied after the player will be able to participate in maintenance reconstruction, and can gain experience and so on!

And the world BOSS, for example, that the BOSS difficulty raised, we trigger the world BOSS, and is it group out, the BOSS will start in the world random moving, destroy he saw city (can be rebuilt, and participation experience), until he was the player destroy so far, as it down the post, think sometimes in the field when exploring zhaitan flew overhead feeling it, and so the dynamic event string into the chain of events, and put the event chain extension, this event completed, its subsequent events must follow relevant NPC leave or doing other things, which can put an end to those who stand in a certain place fixed no brain brush event on-hook behavior, such as human 15-25 that often someone on-hook brush Sagittarius bridge, can change after a wave of Sagittarius need players after collective repair, completion of bridge task into a counterattack a Sagittarius base, and so on and after many subsequent events, so that hang up the elder brothers may hang a day can play a few wave Sagittarius, also won't to do this kind of hard don't please behavior.

I think such a PVE which increased the substitution feeling and gameplay, and get rid of the late WOW a copy of the infinite loop destiny, think about it yesterday came to black, the castle was good, today one went in and then see the player and NPC in the city war flame legion; Yesterday in a small town bought something, go again today by a dragon a cremation in ruins (can go up life again NPC with other players and NPC common reconstruction of the city), as the old roller 5 general PVE, the time the world is changing, baa haha ~

It recently saw someone in spit tank guild wars 2 PVP, I think A club can join other mode, dota, DOTA2, LOL, up every three kingdoms games like fire illustrates dota kind of competitive model of popularity, A club can set up 5 v5 class dota competitive mode, character A in grade 1, primary equipment are all the same, maps three road, automatic invasion, there are wild strange, A defense tower, tower at A very ache, also dare not the resistance to batman, play money can promote equipment, etc., and ultimately want to win have to tear down the other party base, ha ha, let dota into guild wars 2 of A small game right, and the perspective of the dota class more online with feeling, which can be reference to Europe and the United States new dota online "destruction".

In addition also can join field friendly discussion mode and so on. I think I put things for now it is A club can come true completely, because A club has A lot of dynamic events are the chain of events forms exist, accident is differ, such as marsh BOSS is A typical dynamic event chain terminal.

Or the first words, I don't expect A club can do as I YY this change, but these can provide some future game changes of inspiration, everybody plays the game also has A lot of his unsatisfactory, affirmation also have YY the guild wars 2 into what kind will be better, can be sent ac alternating current (ac).

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