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The guild wars 2 the third stage Boss skills have the five stage



1, Invincible levitating a wide range of fright

2, P2 bounce the ball + range bounce the ball

3 and 1 v1 vampire

4, boss foot of a single area area damage control field

5, region countless green bomb attack

I didn't go to remember boss attack move is, but only themselves describe such a little

Skills 1.4.5

The three skills, as long as no melee, there is no problem but as long as a melee caught, please take two roll are used, otherwise damage is very high, especially 5 skills (it's like super saiyan crazy use qigong bomb, actually pretty handsome)

No. 2 skills commentary: the same as usual

3 skill explanation: to pay special attention to, damage is also very high, and distance with boss is no problem.

P3 is very simple, because less charge this skill, P3 is simple kite boss until it died.

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