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The guild wars 2 level 80 copies Arah exploration model customs clearance result

We choose our route is usually everyone in the quick brush 12 boss route, back down extension, have a try to the back of the should be no problem. Will play the blame and relay electric electric ball, this is no problem, I think everybody more question should be, Arah third boss (I called smelly dog king).

Today originally let's golden double horsetail squad is also grasps for strategy method of spirit, and not want to say that can put it KO, have never thought after a few times efforts, in the last time you touch clear boss attack mode, and take turns pile body, take turns to play! Finally put it down!

P1 began using all ranged attack, on the basic of the boss number 1 ~ 2 people can, the distance from the boss about 900 ~ 1200 is OK, look at the remote boss is which professional and striking distance and calm, the rest of the people please change close attack weapon.


Please all stand together, don't be far apart, smelly dog king will cast flies group, this object won't say pain but for some thin skin professional is painful, flies group of no special attack skills or state, will be normal attack. But don't forget to it or silver strange, the key is the boss will random infection a player (magic erection will) when the players are infected, the body will shine, and there are many flies around, after a short period of time, the players will be down, and then ran straight out a caterpillar (infected players will not damage the blood), see his teammates to be infected, but play boss of 1 ~ 2 people, the rest of the people to be infection teammate waiting caterpillar appear, caterpillar a come out, how fast can kill it fast.

As long as a period of time not to kill the caterpillar, it will run fast the smelly dog the king's under your feet, and then the caterpillar get bigger only, smelly king of dogs will eat it (of course this time still have a chance to kill that only caterpillar).

So? what happens at the caterpillar smelly king dog eat ?

Will occur very serious matter, go on eating smelly dog WangHuiYou state, state duration is 9 hours, + power + armor, didn't misremember should only two, eat to a difference sent a lot, so absolute can't let smelly king dog ate the caterpillar.

Remind, it can eat a lot of only, the state can have been stack up.

If the caterpillar ate, can all the players run out, and then wham. Because this way is more save you time, when the boss about 5 points out one of the blood volume, please remember to boss output of 1 ~ 2 people remind (smelly dog king is invincible status), usually at this time will have his teammates to be infected, the caterpillar more quickly to kill!

When smelly king dog into the invincible state representative has entered into P2 mode, as to why to more quickly kill the caterpillar P2 will mention.

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