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Terry and continental general history chapter 7: the end of the plagues Titan

Editor's note: in the guild wars 2 "Chinese website officially that day, small make up received a" guild wars 2 "loyal player's contribution. For guild wars series deep cultural background of love, the players will the guild wars 2 "English wikipedia website background material translated into a deregulation plan, to the popularization of players the guild wars 2" the deep background and the cultural story. Since the guild wars 2 "localization efforts are underway, proper nouns and terms has not yet been established. So this article players appear in the translation of Chinese noun, do not represent the official official name.

Chapter 7 of the end of Titan disaster

The End of the Threat of the Titans
Titan's the end of disaster

Lich lords conspiracy finally in Hell cliff (Hell 's Precipice) prevented. After a one climax after another battle, this one adventure team finally struck the lich lords. However, lost his command, the Titan finally can follow one's inclinations, and their hearts desire, is to destroy all the world civilization.

Titans intentions explained in this happened before the event. Look, zar have been exposed to the Titan. Always check the shaman's the titans as gods to worship, and in Titan's inspiration under, zar to attack ascalon human kingdom.

In the flash scale's help, this one adventure team defense mobilization and many point: ZhuoKeNa furnace (Droknar 's Forge dwarf town, their hometown ascalon city, Della dimension stone burst of light blade fortress, and lastly kori tower capital: the lion arch.

Through Titan encounter and gain information, plus flash scale advice, adventure team determined the Titan command center position place. In ascalon, be zar occupy territory depths, there is a place called Titan's Source (Titan Source) place. Three powerful king of the titans, and zar bianconeri delegates here call the shots. Terry and save the only chance that send a party to there, destroy the king of the titans.

The decisive battle ultimately achieve the expected effect. They force defeated king of the titans, check's army is in chaos. Terry and civilization got save, people also will once again return to the peaceful life.

Young Heroes of Tyria


History is an endless supply of turbulence, terry and occurred in the story will never ended, because in Cantha (Cantha) and the los nano (Elona) some significant events are happening. Before long, the section mill (Kormir) goddess belief spread to terry and the mainland territory of human. But humans in the reconstruction of the gods faith, also need to get the belief brings comfort.

Stirrings Within the Earth

A series of seismic indicates the new threat coming. In the underground tunnel, o sula gens first noticed the different dynamic. Their explorer that some things out of the big problem. However, when they sent someone to further explore, o sula the government decided to adopt more safety, conservative strategy. O sula government will people evacuated to the surface of the new cities: la tower, Sue (Rata Sum). At the same time, they brought terry and unprecedented technology: rapid move to remote areas of technology. This is the famous ", the door of sula "(Asura Gates), and they are in hundreds of years ongoing reform movement.

In the dwarven kingdom, dell DiMa dwarf also felt the earthquake. Somebody thinks, underground activities it is some old preliminary words will come true signs. The dwarves have many about guardian angel, "big Dwarf" (the Great Dwarf) story. In ancient times, the dwarves to his powers to create other dwarves; He also for short people made armor and weapons. With these arms, big dwarf and "destroy the person" (the Great Destroyer) waging a war between. After the defeat the enemy, he stole out the person's real name, and its seal in the Lou bick granth in. Then big dwarf left terry and, to "crack" (Rift), where he still live in big melting pot (Great Forge). Alive dwarf doesn't see big dwarf yidam, but they have long firmly believe that his existence. Some dwarves believe that destroy the world are still alive.

Civil War in Kryta and the Rule of Queen Salma

Kori tower the capital of the kingdom, and the lion arch has long controls in the white robe alliance the leftover evil hands. When zar invasion, kori tower in power in the King family arden (King Jadon) led abandoned city and escape, so white robe alliance took over the capital. The king had left a bastard; The girl by a years Temple (Temple of Ages) priestess with care. The girl named shar to ramah; she shall have the right to inherit the throne kori tower. Shar manasseh had and ascalon robustness of the prince's engagement, but the prince was brave enough to die for the people.

Light blade will find the shar and princess, and together, to fight for her future. Through a hard, shar ramah, Ivan ni, and light blade army under attack the lion arch and the overthrow of the white robe alliance. Then, in kori tower people cheer (and relieved) sound, shar and crowned the queen reign.

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