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Terry and continental general history chapter 5: exile road


The Path of The Exiled

Since can't expect from Europe's get aid, lu rick the prince to thought of kori tower. But, from ascalon to kori tower road is long and dangerous, and which is full of the ominous atmosphere cold peak Mountains (Shiverpeak Mountains) between the way of. Lu rick, now is the exile of the body, but behind has numerous followers; He decided to lead this group of people climb over the mountains, looking for new shelter.

In this group of exiles across mountains journey, they found themselves in a conflict. Cold mountain peak is the dwarf territory, and dwarves are in the civil war. Dell DiMa dwarves (Deldrimor dwarves) to the refugees are quite friendly, but opposition faction, the Stone of the Summit's short people (dwarves of the Stone Summit) is considered the dwarf born than other race is superior. The congress decided to stone mountain in ascalon people through the harsh cold peak mountains when they flash search. Now only lu rick the prince and his most trusted subordinates just to save this group of refugees. But all this need to pay the price; Lu rick in the door of the Frost (Frost Gate) sacrifice yourself, ascalon people lost brave prince, alone in the face of the future of all.

Arrival at Kryta: must toil for it Homecoming

Kori tower gave ascalon people a chance for them to build new homes and lives, but no refugees have been longing for the safety of the castle. Kori tower, faced his own trouble: is called the Lich lords (Lich Lord) terrorist character manipulated the undead besieged the country.

Ascalon survivors firm and durable. Since through the cold mountain peak, they already accustomed to the difficult situation. Ascalon man repelled the undead attacks, destroy these filthy creature. In view of their courage, kori tower ruling group White robe alliance (White Mantle) awarded them in the king Lion Arch (Lion 's Arch) to the north of rights.

For many refugees speaking, this is the end of the story, and they have the opportunity to return to the simple life. But lu rick the prince's loyal followers did not meet. When white robe alliance invite them hand in hand to cooperate, this group of people readily accepted. Once on duty, this group of followers saved white robe alliance leader, more anxious in Ann (Confessor Dorian) life. At the same time, they help the leader won a powerful artifact: "Europe's Scepter" (Scepter of Orr), stop the undead want to take the treasure of the plot.

In order to reward the group of loyal people work, white robe alliance to this group of ascalon people to join the organization glory. This group of loyalty was also awarded a burden: responsible for management from sacred Coast (Divinity Coast) people recruiting members of the "day try to choose practice" (Test of the Chosen). Day choose try to practice, is the summer solstice each year, white robe alliance through a magic odd things "Jane Eye of the harp" (Eye of Janthir) in each village organization selection ceremony. Jane harp eye from ordinary people have the ability to select members of the white robe. In the ceremony ended, the entries will be escorted to the white robe alliance fortress: intangible Temple (Temple of the Unseen). After these members will be in digital big head (Grand Master) under study.

However, in the process of performance of an obligation, the new ascalon people find their entries being kidnapped. Kidnapping made from a rebel groups: light Blade will (Shining Blade). So the new ascalon people received the order, and find out the entries captivity to somewhere, went to rescue them, and kill light blade will make kidnapping.

Between the White Mantle and the Shining Blade

Ascalon all tracking entries, and finally came to light blade will before, however, at this time a strange thing happened: the light blade will is trying to save the union from white robe entries. Light blade will found strong evidence to: white robe alliance kill entries, as a sacrifice to their master (also is "invisible man" who are [Unseen Ones]). So they can be white robe alliance into a traitor, spare no effort to slander and destroy them. White robe alliance had sent a spy into the light blade will be internal, and use the informant the information provided, in the struggle in accounted for according to the weather.

Light blade will leader, Ivan ni and know that in the situation worse ago, things have the important moment. She is looking for defense firm foothold, against white robe alliance. Thinking over and over, the woman decided to ask for help in ascalon, help her had called "Della d circle" (Henge of Denravi) stronghold. On this base, the light blade will contact new Allies, of which the most important is a JiBoLun (Khilbron) called the vizier (Vizir). However, only have JiBoLun in obtaining a powerful multiplier before Ken cooperation, this artifact is ascalon people have ever seen "Europe's scepter".

* Vizir is to islamic countries ministers patriarch of the call. We can see that the kingdom's cultural prototype reference from Arab countries.

Light blade will succeed eventually got the Europe's scepter. In this process, they also revealed white robe alliance spy. Light blade will decide this artifact to JiBoLun, but it was white robe alliance learned. In the interview, Iraq, all her captive, light blade will fall apart, and new ascalon are left looking for new action opportunity. In JiBoLun advice, the group of people to that piece of waste soil land: crystal desert.

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