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Guild wars 2's official website BBS new props or hot debate on 16 update

Guild wars 2 beautiful clothing official BBS have been talking about A club may be in black lion mall add new props, together and see it!

Power Trader (Booster) : use transaction strengthen potions later, in the auction house auction items in each of the items can be divided into four times to sell, and each time the stack cap is 1000.

RC Controller: usage is unknown.
Stat Reset: can Reset attribute, usage is unknown.
Personal Black Lion Merchant Express: double-click summons a private use Black Lion businessman, lasts for 5 minutes, can buy a basic items and sell trophies, can repeat use.
Sealed Package of Snowballs: double click later will produce a few snowball, players can pick up after the attack each other. (winter festival items?
Name Change Contract: double click can Change character Name, one-time items, replaced Name will be restored within 24 hours after put into use.
There is a BWE Transform Weapon, that sounds very interesting appearance, just don't know when will update.

Be worth what carry is Name Change Contract this item in our several months ago was found in the database (detailed), does this mean that this item is coming? May in the November 16th, will at the updating release?


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