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Guild wars 2 will open DOTA mode


Speaking of guild wars 2 PvP component, most of the players feel very good. And A club for PvP is still far from satisfactory, class DotA game now hot, why not in guild wars 2 also introduced the model?


Seattle's advantage is game developers everywhere. In fact, the industry now from mobile games have been to electronic competitive has been in constant innovation. Now, let's see A A club staff proposed A little advice, perhaps, it will change things.

"From LoL success can see, this kind of DotA mode of the game as if very popular... maybe, we A club can also consider this mode.

This information is very credible, although there is no "soon you can see" the word of and so on. But from his/her words we can see, this may be a good idea. Think about it, your PvP is no longer simple occupied resources, but need you like DOTA as A soldier, pushing tower, the equipment or something. Perhaps this is not the final idea, but it also illustrates the possibility?


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