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Guild wars 2 upgrade strategy many kinds of ways for you to choose


Take your role from level to level 80 litres need a lot of time, effort, and, of course, the experience. Unlike most MMO game, the guild wars 2 "will not only for you to provide the role of a two upgrade method, in fact, in terry and you have a lot of methods gain experience. No matter you are all means have been used or for which several, all of these can according to your own play to set. Want to see you in our role rookie into hero from several methods of it.


In the guild wars 2 "make the experience is the most direct way is to brush strange, every time you kill a little strange can gain experience, with the expansion of the game mechanism, all monsters to you surrender you can gain experience. You can from battle as much gain experience, such as you kill a seemingly have lived a monster. So you finally find some players less area to play wild.


Earn experience of the second kind of method is fill the popularity of heart. Each area in the map there are some fixed task position marked with a big heart. Will you accept a lot to do with this area about the different missions, once you finish these tasks, you can get experience rewards and some can be in dealer use of Karma.

Dynamic events

Dynamic event is you in the guild wars 2 "different continent on my journey to appear suddenly. These events in different forms appear on your map. One of the most common event is accompanied businessman or others from one place to another place. Of course the mainland will appear the attacker. Other events include protect local people from the attacker to attack or help cell phone props to the NPC. Participation in the event, the more your character get more experience.

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