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Guild wars 2 thaumanova stealth BOSS struck achievement strategy


Believe that the achievement control should all know guild wars 2 there are mysterious BOSS this achievement it, like the appearance of a total of ten. Today to share is one of the only, and still more troublesome, to collected water, fire and ice, soil four pieces synthetic key, then use key open the authority to get in a specific scene kill BOSS. Of course the key only need a pair of, transfer the door opened after all can go in. Together and see it!
Before the Internet to see someone to Thaumanova Reactor this site to play boss, after have treasure box, so I ran to find key attributes, and play the king, to be honest, this task for someone play will be much more easier, because the four attributes there are two boss is hard to play, is a robot become the element of fire, and the last is playing a champion boss, but after I got in front of attributes for not find people play, so the failure is the end, but now I'm start to the key, if someone is in I was in that place sway, estimation is I failed again, or I am look for a person to play the king!
Matrix Cube Key (the most critical things are hard to find, elusive, it just have the follow-up, the little green thing, but so far, I have seen in four places, one is the pictures of the site, the film has two locations, and a site is in the sewer, beside the Quaggan!)

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