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Guild wars 2 role attribute data analysis: tenacity and dynamic trade-off

Recently very curious guild wars 2 Toughness (Toughness) and energy (Vitality) choices, and made some calculation, trying to find out the answer.

Power: 916
Precision: 916
Toughness: 916
Vitality: 916
Attack: 916 (Power 916 + Weapon Damage 0 +Condition 0)
Critical Chance: 4% (Critical Chance 4 +Critical Damage 0)
Armor: 916 (Toughness 916 + Defense 0)
Health: 10,805 (Health 10,805 + HealingPower 0) for Guardian
Damage formula is:

(P + M * 35) * (WS / 1000) * SC / (T + D) = TrueDamage

P = Power, M = Might layer, WS = Weapon Strength, SC = skill coefficient, T = Toughness, D = Defense

Simple said is against party numerical divided by bear party defense that finally the damage.

This article focuses on the Toughness and Vitality of the trade-offs, Defense in full is fixed, so don't into consideration.


Condition Damage and Healing of the two to take no account of, can do that at the end of the paper.

Vulnerable and Critical according to foreign data display for coefficient relation, so did not listed in the analysis.

Start analysis:

Due to the defense and not directly will numerical to reduce injury percentage, so we can only use relative reduction than hurt.

If we want to simplify the above formula, assuming that the attacker numerical same, molecular constant logogram N, T + D as Armor (hereinafter (A) :

N / (T + D) = N/A.

, it decreases injury than to write for:

(change before the get hurt - after the change take damage) / change before the get hurt

= [N/A - N / (A + x) / N/A

= x / (A + x)

Referred to as the "R.

Here can use 80 basic attribute of A = 916 into as comparative reference, but to the back of the calculation is not important.

Imagine if every add 1 point Vitality will increase 10 HP, improve rate is

(HP + 10) - HP/HP = 10 / HP

And every add 1 point Toughness, said to withstand damage increased to total health HP, it is can withstand HP / (1 - R), namely HP / [1-1 / (A + 1)], improve rate is

(HP / [1-1 / (A + 1)] - HP) / HP

Here explain, in order to calculate the Toughness and Vitality choice conditions, so the key lies in "the next point" benefit, and basic numerical and have no direct relation.

By the two formulas can beg:

(HP / [1-1 / (A + 1)] - HP) / HP = 10 / HP

After working through the calculations have

A = (1/10) HP

This means that when A reach one over ten of the HP, the next point selection Toughness or Vitality benefit is considerable.

When A < (1/10) HP, increase the benefit of A greater than V;

And A > (1/10) HP, increase the benefit of the V is greater than A.


Take basic quality check, HP = 10805, A = 916.

At present A < (1/10) HP, so theoretically increase A should benefit more than V.

Add 1 point A (10805 / [1-1 / (916 + 1)] - 10805) / 10805 = 0.0010917 = 0.10917%

Add 1 point V: 10/10805 = 0.0009255 = 0.09255%

Said the increase than A V good.

Add 1 point A (10805 / [1-1 / (1081 + 1)] - 10805) / 10805 = 0.0009251 = 0.09251%

Add 1 point V: 10/10805 = 0.0009255 = 0.09255%

Visible now increase V will be better.

Conclusion and additional information:

Try to balance HP and Armor in the proportion of 10:1, can complete play two numerical benefit.

According to the literature, Condition Damage due to not eat Armor, so in fact, Armor benefit would be at a discount. However Vitality utility must rely on Healing to play, for now Healing effect can't let players at any time in full health state, is the "bottleneck", said in fact Vitality can play a limited degree.

After Healing and Vitality to do analysis, in the hope that the research has greatly raised also share ^ ^

Now, if there is a band solution Condition skills, can still try to pull to Armor (1/10) HP, the effect is better.

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