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Guild wars 2 red stick: adjusting the mailbox verification system to improve safety

Account security problem is always the player care about one of the top priority, the guild wars 2 for account security provides protection, called the mailbox verification system. Recently A club staff through the Guild wars 2 red post told the players, mailbox verification function to improve the sensitivity, thus to strengthen the safety. The full text reads as follows.


Regina Buenaobra:

Recently we adjusted the Guild wars 2 mailbox verification system sensitivity, make it more safety. This change may cause players need to current login network verification of again.

If you login Guild wars 2 client or official website was refused, check your mailbox we sent a reminder information. If you recognized this time logging operation, click on the E-mail given in connection and choose to remember page network, confirm this information.

Safety tip: if you receive one from unknown network login request mail, don't through him! This is most likely someone trying to use your account login. On the contrary, as soon as possible into the website account management page change password. Please remember that guild wars 2's official website domain name, don't be fishing web site cheat.

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