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Guild wars 2 red stick: about resource point refresh time instructions


Hello everyone!

I'm sorry to be so late response to your questions, around the Guild wars 2 game update has produced a lot of controversy, so I am here will also as many answering your questions.

Our resources point refresh time to do some adjustments, the present resources point every day will only refresh again, and refresh time is based on our server time, is also the UTC zero time refresh (equivalent to Beijing time eight in the morning), not according to your last time to gather the resources calculation, so this can also explains why people think their own resources point of the refresh interval time is not the same doubt.

According to the above Settings, so these resources may be the point of refresh and controversial, here gives everybody out:

Ancient wood (Ancient), Orichalcum Ore (star meteorite Ore), and Mithril Ore (secret silver) resources point refresh time is directly bound to role.

The meaning of sentence is the same a resource point our role is based not to account for the foundation, so in this sense the same account every role can to gather the resources point. (at the same time also means that several ore can not account sharing)

Based on the same reason we also get to butter make a change (harder to achieve mean it), like Jon Peters mentioned before, we have also realized the update is some hard, we will reduce the resources as soon as possible for the level of difficulty.

If you found and I said above to different situations, then please tell us, we will make further investigation.

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