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Guild wars 2 rare formula sharing: the thor's hammer Mjolnir synthetic guide

Guild wars 2 element division can create five different environment weapons, respectively is earth shield, flame axe, frost of the bow, the thor's hammer and red inflammation big sword, according to the reason for these five weapons should have corresponding weapons formula, because before, I also share a red inflammation big sword formula, today I want to share is another environmental weapons formula, the thor's hammer Mjolnir, modelling is very cool, of course, cost greatly. Below is a formula:
The thor's hammer Mjolnir:
Eldritch Scroll * 1 (on the side of the melting pot that sister buy NPC, that Miyani, fifty skill points)
Mystic Coin * 100
Charged Lodestone * 250
Gift of Lightning * 1
Gift of Lightning (legend single hand sword of one of the material)
Orichalcum Ingot * 250
Bolt of Gossamer * 250
Charged Lodestone * 100 (the basic depend to buy, brush to brush to one of these years)
Gift of Ascalon * 1 (500 AC brand in)



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