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Guild wars 2 PVP the dirty jack Bauer necromancer is introduced

Look at guild wars 2 just opened clothing sPVP when the necromancer transverse, until now only kitten could, become rogue soldiers ran road, and saw someone complained that the necromancer's weakness, if in PVP speaking I can provide some views, from the open test to now I am a almost only played in PVP players (PVE highest level 27)(buy cheap Guild wars gold), played the necromancer, warrior, thief, guardian and illusion.


According to green jack Bauer wretched




A MOVE become a handsome boy
A begin to contact the necromancer think this profession is do bad ah? Burst damage as warrior thief, kite control field as rangers engineering, 1 v1 and lose magic guard, why can the necromancer ?

The number of even give up want to chop down characters, but thought that "the necromancer" this handsome name let me lit morale, and they began to read online foreign player's video, distribution method gradually, I found the necromancer it is OP career!

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