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Guild wars 2 PVP championship experience introduction


Guild wars 2 championship is more organized official PvP mode. Tournament play is usually 5 v5, the game map with optional "(Hot Join) the same map. Championships held frequency is endless and same, different incentive grades can let players in taking a small championships, or composition more organized team to participate in large championship fight.


Championship has the following kinds of style:

Pickup: a single defeated knock out system championships. Open to gather together together before 8 teams. Championship 3 wheel knockout, final winner will get qualifier fraction.
Monthly ": need a certain number of qualifier fraction can take part in.
The annual ": this major championship winning the championship by monthly party participation, final victory will have the right to call themselves the strongest year PvP players.
Players hold: by the player's own custom game, the championship has the very strong flexibility, can let the players get to add some name power.

Here is to share some of the tournament's most basic game!

Red line = our house

Blue line = the enemy house

Green line = intermediate

Play 4/1 main rob the play

Start is

1 red keep home

2 the green impact of

2 red play neutral blame the rear around the middle

Play double team 2/1/2 play

2 blue fixed impact his house. Dead is also up continue to dash his house. And rob his house neutral

2 red fixed keep our house

1 the shortstop rob. Support the neutral. In our house home with the enemy between migration

This game to not experience group anomaly to use.. Because the enemy was forced to wander in three point.. If you have no experience with the division of labor.. Will be make a mess

Finally recommended TPVP really fun

From the above can see, there is need to run operation documentary p ability of the shortstop, there is need to defense the turtle point role also or need aggression high storm hand.

So assigned to work need to adjust good build, not SPVP casually with second kill build has served in the keep points of work.

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