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Guild wars 2 production skills is introduced


The guild wars 2 a total of 8 kinds of different production skills, every character can choose two different production skills as his sideline. Of course, if you intend to learn to third production skills, it must give up've learned before two skills of it.

As a boast of ChiHuo, must choose sewing and cooking.

As previously mentioned, if have learned two professional skills, so you want to go to study the third kind of professional skills, skills trainers will prompt you must give up a professional to learn (professional academic proved to be narrow).


More important is, the player will not give up because before production skills and lost has produced before the equipment. That is to say, if I give up the tailor learn professional jewelry professional, so do before the beautiful clothes and cloth armor equipment are also will retain, and before the formulation of the society will not forget!

So in a sense, each role decathlon is also feasible (of course you want enough egg pain enough milk rise enough if you are free,) and I firmly believe that the future will certainly have so a little smallholder obsessive-compulsive disorder patients all production and living skills practice full!

Simple list once I learned that a production skills, can according to their own career and preferences to select

Oh, there's a little be worth what carry is, not only is the tailor can do bag (this bag refers to the lattice space), wear heavy armor and leather armor career is also very blessed! You can put aside the sacks and select iron box or dermal LV to install your baby.

Armor: can make heavy armor and bags (metal) box

Tailor: making light armour and a cloth bag (must be bag bag!)

Leather: making medium armor and bags (roar, leather bag!

Fishing and hunting: making bow and spear/guns, rifles and torches and war horn

Weapons: can make swords, axes, daggers, hammer, shield and spear (original shield calculate weapons technology!)

T: mainly making magic weapons, such as staves and wands and trident

Jewelry: earrings, necklaces and ring, a lot of the glittering jewelry (I also want to learn this!)

Cooking: food and dye (to clothes dyeing)

"Quick to buy a new bread, buying a loaf of bread to send a Laurie!"


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