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Guild wars 2 new positioning game professional six features to create a new model

Guild wars 2 is worth looking forward to must be has its reason, in this time, after WOW all games seems to be to bring with it a contrast, You said guild wars 2 have WOW shadow? There are certainly, but this is not it attract people place, everyone more think guild wars 2 this game mode is very different, very fresh. No more boring cut blame upgrade, need not endless handover task, don't have to worry about equipment, everything is so so creative, let a person gasp in admiration.
"Strong MT before, there have been terrorist output DPS and begged a nurse, rolling team!"
"XX copy open group, I am god milk to a resistance to the T, and literally to sa DPS and then open dry!"
"XX speed brush team, strong DPS, god has god T milk in place!"

Believe that all above situation in other games more or less have met, because "iron triangle" model of constraint, in the majority of the game need to group together related profession, to customs clearance underground city. Although the "iron triangle" mode between players to cooperate with each other, but also because of some professional too scarce and raise the difficulty group, such as therapy profession often very scarce, appear even several team for a treatment phenomenon. The guild wars 2 "appeared, the overturned thoroughly" iron triangle "mode, the player team no longer need to group together various professions. The guild wars 2 "fully gives players free, want to set what career group what profession, more by six distinctive interpretation, and create a new set professional righteousness battle mode new age.

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