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Guild wars 2 main Colin Johanson interview and screening


MMORPG tonight to Colin Johanson conducted an interview, Pokket success from his mouth dug up a lot of the good news, I will in the following statement one by one to you. This time I didn't write the contents of the interview one, but posted the question and the answer from Colin to dig out some important content.

Q: I know you for the Halloween activities contributed a lot. This is my present in the best holiday activities, before, I have participated in a lot of different MMO activity... My question is, you will in next year's activities again used the content?

May use a small part of this year activities as the foundation, but they don't hold the same year holiday feast

Hope that next year can see better more crazy content

Hold a special gain, not just in the festival

Q: Yes, it's really very fast. I spent almost five hours to finish the clock tower, you spent how long? (I put forward this problem because the answer really interesting!

To be honest, three hours after I gave up. I do all the other activities, is not completed tower. It really makes me feel very embarrassed, I would not have finished. I first in internal do, but I use two beguiling method and transfer the twice, once activities online I can't cheat, so I should not be completed. This is really embarrassing.

Q: For future clothing, you are making plans for combat skin or let them can only be used for station street?

This problem after their talks to.

Increase clothing effect to see whether they can make the garment to play better

They will continue to pay attention to, and then to decide whether to spend more on kung fu in the clothing

Q: Are you going to this year in other large festival also into the same effort? Immediately to 11 months.

Winter day will come, this is also the guild wars 1 "tradition

Now have different view, the world, there is no god

They will also be in the game have a lot of special activities

They will continue to build the plot and tells the story happened in the world, perhaps in a few months, change the world, some activities than small scale of Halloween, some may last for months

For the game update a large number of free content

After the Halloween many things will disappear - in this activity they increased more than 50 events, two small underground city, the new jumping and labyrinth, collect fees sPvP game, will be to obtain qualifications held championship players.

Q: Can you talk about on November 15, what's new content?

New PvP map the beta test let everybody and give feedback, if you like them, then they will join permanent PvP combat

Weekend activities in some places will permanently changing the world, open a new island for everybody to explore - small map there are many interesting content, weekend drama will also change the world

Added new forms of underground city -- you have to accept further challenges, would be even more difficult

The new underground city have also increased the new game rewards

Q: Have you planned for the underground city starting some service?

If the server starting still under discussion

They want to make sure to communicate to the player a thing, so you can find out the different aspects of who is the best, in different areas who explore the furthest.

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