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Guild wars 2 mad king Thorn strategy and experience sharing


Kryta former rulers, mad king in the Thorn has been completely crazy. The holiday is Halloween because he didn't turn up, although already has more than 250 years no one saw his ghost... But this Halloween doesn't seem to like.

Mad king Thorn skills

Slam: (light damage) melee attacks

Crazy WangZhiDun: (light damage, frozen) remote damage, with chain effect, can pass a player infection to another player. Most infected four goals, freezing time for 2 s.

Moonlighting: (medium damage) single direction ranged attack.

Night attack: (medium damage) conical ranged attack.

Pumpkin bomb: (medium damage) MKT (mad king Thorn abbreviation, mad after the king will collectively referred to as MKT) every 15 s will randomly throw out some pumpkin, 3 s caused inside AOE damage.

Scarecrow: (light damage, fear) when the scarecrow appeared it would immediately throwing a crow, and cause light damage. At the same time scarecrow will be in 5 s after AOE types of fear.

Transfer: each 28 SMKT will shift to the farthest from his players side to attack.

Advance spoilers:

The king against crazy Thorn:

And most of the BOSS, mad king's blood thicker, so fight time than expected is a bit long. BOSS battle is more direct, so you may not need to use voice command and so on. And BOSS war will balance the level of all players, so try to take several different level of the players, it is favorable.

Generally speaking, mad king before addressing to play a game I say that you do. He said what you'll do what, if you hear him say "Mad King Says," this time means that is coming up, ready to it. If you don't know it, it is estimated that fight will come very suddenly.

Once battle begins, about every 15 s, mad king will randomly throw some pumpkin bomb. These bombs will be within 5 s explosion, and cause a medium amount of AOE damage. The bomb exploded between time will be 3 s, so it is easy to go from one area of explosion to another area of explosion, and then back and forth alternate, avoid the bomb. Remote word is relatively easy to some, hide good bomb with respect to OK. But when mad king out of the blinking skills, must advance the selected from a suitable position. Stay a mind's eye, so that what's accident.

After 28 s, mad king out of the blinking skills, will be transmitted to the farthest from his next to the player. This means that you need to keep moving and distance, prevent he appeared behind you. The melee speaking, output may be a little difficult, because we can not stand the pile. The traditional T is unable to pull MKT, if in melee range without the first target of words, he will find that his nearest player. So, it must ensure that the mobile war at the same time he can have melee.

Later, MKT will summon some fixed position of the scarecrow to help him attack. When the scarecrow appeared, there will be the crow appeared in their a radius, in this radius can cause bleeding damage. These injuries are small, can even ignore. But the next but can not be ignore, when after 5 s, scarecrow will release a AOE fear, so be sure to see clearly the AOE mark, as far as possible to avoid these AOE fear.

Combat zone is a series of platform, in addition to the battle began platform beyond, other than the platform of a little low. When mad king disappear, will go to see, which area is small strange dozen which area.

Helpful hints: when you take the time to find him, he won't reply to the health.


1. If you kneel floor, but this time you near the scarecrow of words, direct choose scarecrow as a target. They rarely health, almost 2-3 will do. This saves companion to save you time, and improve the DPS.

2. The link between platform position is a good position, if you are ranged DPS or remote AOE treatment of words, here can be used as a first choice. Because in this field of vision is open, and not easy to hit.

3. Must let MKT melee range there is a target, can be the player, also can be the pet. If you run too far, you know, BOSS will disappear, and reset. Perhaps this is to belong to common sense, but it for remote team, there are possible.

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