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Guild wars 2 lecture hall 14 bomb: PvP manufacturing steps


We all know that guild wars 2 PvP is very emphasize fairness, so for the just contact PvP newbie players, don't need to buy weapons, seemingly in PvP get points with nothing, in fact, you can use the PvP points make you unique PvP modelling, wear a cool dazzle the ye armor into the battlefield, the momentum of the first will get the upper hand, the more power and prestige, here is detailed to speak on the modelling of PvP way for it.

Should be a lot of people know, but still show some just play PVP players know, PVP modelling have two kinds of methods obtain:

1, Open PVP box

Use your PVP points to play with businessmen buy box, the equipment will shape corresponding to what you buy box class, but is random, location and shape is not necessarily.

2, The use of melting pot to synthesis

Use merchants sell PVP equipment disassemble tools, you don't disassemble the PVP equipment, will hive off four items:

Arcane powder: this is all finished the necessary raw materials, also is only one.

Item token: this can be in PVP merchants to buy, you want to synthesis which equipment position would buy the token.

Rank token: this also from the PVP equipment decomposition out, this token is mainly decision you made exterior level.

For example you to make a set of rank Wolf equipment, you must rank Wolf down the box open out equipment, from inside to get the Wolf token

Arcane token: this also from the PVP equipment decomposition out, a probability decomposition out three levels of raw materials

Orb ordinary

Crystal good

Sliver rare

The decision you make to equipment rare degree, will these four things into the melting pot, we can produce what you want.

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