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Guild Wars 2 in the Months Ahead


Guild Wars 2 has now sold over three million copies since launch! They also posted a long blog post today about what to expect in the first half of 2013. If you are interested in more frequent GW2 news, see Guild Wars 2 Guru and our GW2 Forum!



New and improved world events, based off of the things learned from the previous ones.
Tokens for achievements that you can turn in to select from a list of rewards, such as Ascended gear and Infusions.
Completion of a subgroup of daily achievements to get credit.
No new tier between Ascended and Legendary in 2013.
New guild rewards, missions, and tools.




Paid server transfers, with time limitations and WvW restrictions, and guesting ability, which allows players to visit friends on other servers in every part of the game except for WvW.
A system of prestige and advancement for WvW, giving players a progression path where they earn new WvW-only abilities and bonuses, and with them gain prestige and visible titles/recognition.
More short term reasons to be winning in WvW.
Fixes for culling.


Better PvP matching, allowing players to be matched against people with a similar skill level.
Observer mode for PvP, custom arenas, leaderboards, and more tournaments and prizes.
Improved LFG, new player experience, and other fixes.

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