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Guild wars 2 Halloween the fourth stage: the lion arch big carnival



According to A club revealed by the news seems, tomorrow morning Halloween will usher in the final outcome (Pacific time). Don't like guild wars 1, this event will last all day, so you don't have to worry about a point you will not be able to online.

At the same time, if will brush mad king's underground city copy words, today to brush enough oh ~ because once after today, Halloween came into the fourth stage, and crazy copy king also could not enter the.

Then we see you tomorrow cough up!


The official announcement:

We would like to give you a message, Halloween fourth stage to cough up to the fourth stage will be in early morning 9 (Pacific time) / 16:00 (Greenwich mean time) start and continue to November 1 noon (Pacific time) / 19:00 (GMT).

Once in the fourth stage, mad king's instanced dungeons cannot again entered. But you still can enter the mad king's territory, such as the labyrinth, the clock tower, the death whispering and crazy judge etc scene.

In the fourth phase, must to the lion arch to the Halloween party! Don't worry, the party will last all day, so any time you can come!

Happy Halloween!

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