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Guild wars 2 eight big shortage point

In every case chat gw2 will tear on WOW. In fact nothing. WOW for (at least continental player) is a very special symbols. Is also a symbol. From the mainstream evaluation for, WOW can not modest claim to be in recent years, even in the history of online NO1.

So pull GW2 and WOW and do not have what a shame. Can equate and WOW, first of all is a must.

GW2 there are many good places. This post will be cast a veil over. This post to and everyone study is GW2 failure or let a person do not so great place. This may be decided it still cannot transcend WOW (MOP)

From my personal subjective hobby, it first to GW2 comprehensive level do a purely subjective evaluation

GW2 = 5 years of WOW

GW2 = in recent 8 years second best online

1. The screen performance

GW2 art and GW1 change compared. More inclined to American comic. But in many details do not so well. To 12 years of level it picture can't give high marks. Especially in the outside part of the characters. In addition to delicate character, other everything appears fog, fuzzy. Even, I think as GW1.

2. Perspective

First of all didn't imposing manner. Narrow. And BUG very much. More than 5 years more WOW. Can often turn to object below the surface part... This is the 3 d game the most let me upset one of error. GW2 and just do very bad.

3. Character action

True than WOW, such as jump after the crash. Another some of Europe and America online have similar performance. However, WOW and not particularly true expression instead more let players habits. This is the game play and the contrast of reality. For example, we will be more like Jordan that air, can let a person feel great. And don't like with the reality as heavy action.

GW2 character action more true but lack of invigorating sense of rhythm.

4. Skill system

As GW1, this is serious back. In the skill and characteristics of composite system, can find fun is not many. If you don't switch weapons, skill is too monotonous. But must switch weapons to tell the truth is to let a person very great of one thing. Have you seen always use a long bows and in short bows striker yao... Very not RP Settings... In weapon no problem but if you think that must use in weapons to reach normal DPS that is a lot of design error.

In this part, WOW is not standard, there are too many games can crush GW2. Personally, I even think as D3.

5. Combat system

Jump out of jotham complement DPS set, original intention is very good. But the disadvantage brought by is fighting is chaotic, and it is difficult to design complex and challenging BOSS war. At least at present in GW2 has no such BOSS war. This direct PVE players of the exclusion of the PFU part. However, this part of the PFU players often is Europe and America online players in the group of the most part of the rallying point. (actually a lot of PFF players and not very keen to Europe and America online)

6. Events

It is a very good original intention, but design and implementation are not doing well. Cause an event became brush brush...

7. Map

Everywhere is the portal.. Don't seamless map so hard?

Second, the map is all a piece by piece, look at the picture... So ugly... Not 12 years of due level!

8. BUG

Really much ah...

Even if there are so many serious problems, the GW2 is still a very good game. This is because it also has many cow force to coax the window. But that may be another card content.

Every time I play I will think, if in these parts, GW2 can do a little better, perhaps, it really will be an epic. But at present, it is not enough class.

Though not quite understand GW2 production process, but it gave me the overall feeling, is the input as WOW. Although development cycle is very long, but maybe human resources are insufficient, please.

Small make up message: in fact whether WOW or GW2, they all have a common point, that is the huge story background and great game frame. WOW experience for so many years, continuous improvement, constant innovation, is now the top of MMO work too much. But GW2 brings is completely different MMO concept, but some of the world's large frame is relative WOW was opened. Perhaps now GW2 has a lot of unsatisfactory places, but such a huge world, still need a brick tile slowly accumulated. Compared with some empty without soul MMO game speaking, GW2 now lacking just details added. I believe that A club must not give up this change MMO pattern of the game, we have to do is enjoy the game, will own experience tell A club.


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