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Guild wars 2 daily and monthly achievement achievements

In the 22 guild wars 2 Halloween update log (detailed), A club to improve the daily achievement award, in addition to basic magic COINS experience and props reward outside, still have A reward A lot of Karma, A lot of suddenly feel 1 million Karma from his is not so far, legend to their weapons in the wave!

In the game update since then, a large number of English bitter hand party expressed and daily monthly achievement achievements so say? So here small make up will introduce a detailed introduction, believe you finished you in the game a lot of things will suddenly become have a purpose, then began to introduce below.

Begin by H open your task panel, click on the ArenaNet icon, and that is your personal achievement panel, see below:


The first day is done, and goals from top to bottom in turn is: daily kills, daily need to kill the monster species number, daily collection number (ore, vegetables, cut down a tree is ok), daily completed dynamic event number.




Reward content the first is the magic COINS, it is mainly used to do some special weapons and equipment, the second is random rewards, are generally reward mall props, I this is mobile bank, double click later can in the field use function of the bank, and the third is the renewal after added bonus, Karma, in the double click to open backpack can get Karma, small make up today's double click to open is 4500 Karma, don't know to isn't a fixed value, anyway award is very rich, but also money and experience rewards, you must remember every day after a daily achievement!



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