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Guild wars 2 copy flow thieves Build refused to glass floor thief

This is a copy of the current build full version at Guild Wars 2, ensure output and survival ability has been greatly ascend, refused to only glass no artillery glass artillery thief!
Characteristic relatively fixed down recently, basic it is Fractals and HotW played more, mainly in order to save the heart jade and Fractals brand.
Melee weapon is dagger + gun and double dagger in with... Remote or aoe occasion still love short bow.
Double dagger main play boss, and play more than other blood fight time all sorts of things, there is not blind egg pain dig holes people.. Sometimes forget in arms, take this shot at dig holes people actually also not so bad.. After all that hate people dig holes in the drill ground down skills can be a gun to its breaking...
Dress is a PTV, plus PPC weapons and adorn article, the whole body orange, in addition to underwater breathing apparatus, or new outfit.
Runes above with Rage and Fury duration, attacks have probability gain Fury, and Fury bonus violence injury, practical calculation down in Fury can get 15% storm injury.
On the main hand dagger with sigil of Air, deputy want to make fire, but have no money, so he got a perception use. If money into bloodlust is also very good, short bow is air, such as what time rich in fire.
Characteristic is 0/25/30/0/15
Line 2 (I) a Furious Retaliation, target below 50% HP get Fury 10 seconds, 45 seconds CD
(VI) Practiced Tolerance, 5% accurate into Vat, my equipment can probably more than 800 HP.
Line 3 out (V) Infusion of Shadow, stealth for 2 PM when active point
(IV) Shadow 's Enbrace stealth, every 3 seconds to remove one symptoms
(XI) Shadow 's Rejuvenation in stealth reply life (even if change the game, still unable to abandon this)
Line 5 (V) the Thrill of the Crime, stealing, get team Fury, Might, Swiftness 10 seconds
Skills choice please see: guild wars 2 copies of the practical build and combat ideas
The use of skills or no change in thinking, but the more diversified.

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