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Give the 80 powerleveling Guild wars 2 player some suggestion

A lot of people are talking, in Guild wars 2 game, once you arrived at the 80 level will have nothing to do ,well, if you want to black this game of words, I have nothing to say. If you really don't know, so I'd be glad to tell you. Because in 80 after level, you have a lot of things to do.

Remember, some players to reach level 80 as his events in the game to complete a. Of course, we always have different route to go. And in guild wars 2, it is undoubtedly a very free place.

Therefore, I strongly doubt those to 80 players, they even reached the 80 level, the contents of the game they have completed a quarter?

OK, now is not blather, below to get down to business!

80 after level can do 80 things

1. Complete personal story mode all the process

2. Beat Zhaitan (ancient dragon)

3. Release all areas of the skill points

4. Will your professional skills upgrading to 400 points

5. Earn enough money to buy a set of racial armor

6. Earn enough Karma to buy a set of orange (singular) equipment

7. Complete story mode of all underground city

8. To all exploration model of underground city

9. Complete all exploration model underground path

10. Brush enough brand to change a set of underground city suit

11. Set odd all underground city underground city suit

12. Accept the challenges, let the undead chicken become your new necromancer minions (I don't know if you remember the horrors of the undead chicken, still can summon companion)

13. Earn enough Karma to buy a racial weapons

14. For your character to a orange weapons

15. For your character to a set of orange equipment

16. Buy a dragon dark weapons

17. Get all PVE achievement

18. The test you are professional various Build

19. Understand all of the recipe

20. Master all process

21. Make all of the forging process drawing

22. Use forging do a mysterious weapon

23. In forging do a legendary weapon

24. Explore finish all of the game's place

25. Find and use a bottle of black stain

26. Find a bottle of black stain and to send to your friends

27. Production or purchase a complete set of 20 grid bag

28. Give Logan a pair of women's shoes

29. grace in the bucket wars (everyone remember, bucket war, oh yeah!

30. Unlock all the keg quarrel achievement

31. Create a new race, a new profession to experience different guild wars 2

32. Take part in an organized PVP

33. Improve your PVP level

34. Improve your PVP rank

35. Complete your favorite PVP suit unreal

36. Collect new PVP weapons unreal

37. Release PVP in all of the weapons and equipment unreal

38. Get all the PVP accomplishments

39. Find and complete all the 31 jumping puzzle

40. Complete the monthly achievement

41. Help your guild unlock additional allowance

42. Run more than half Sagittarius

43. If is rider, he grab all it can catch animal as a partner

44. Create a full by rangers composition "rocket team" conference, and often failed in PVP

45. Collect 101 cooking materials

46. Fill in the bank you all the vacancy

47. Participate in WVW

48. Get WVW victory

49. In WVW struck the enemy of enough MEDALS

50. WVW finish all the an inverted achievements

51. WVW finish all the achievements

52. Build and use all of the engineering appliance

53. Get all the WVW title

54. In the forest in Caledon accordion, and Quaggan open paty

55. Earn enough money to purchase a commander broadsword

56. Visit Killen monument, and express your respect

57. Shatterer defeat

58. Beat Jormag vassels

59. Beat dark Tequatl

60. In your friends list add new friends

61. In your guild organization in an event

62. The finish the game each map

63. Changes in the dynamic event

64. Find and participate in the new dynamic event

65. Collect piles of butter and cream to you of friend mischief

66. Of all the transfer station

67. Through the sell things get rich

68. The arch there buy an interesting box, and put it in the party

69. For your character set a change at any time suit

70. Read all the books of theology

71. Read Ebonhawke is how to establish the story

72. For your character to complete all possible weapon achievement

73. Beat all champion monster, did not you buy the role of exotic suit

74. Write down your level 80 experience, and published in the BBS out

75. From the trade union arms merchants purchased a set of equipment

76. From the trade union arms merchants purchased a set of weapons

77. Complete all the killer achievement

78. Complete all the achievements of survivors

79. In the beat Zhaitan from the ship after the jump

80. Have fun!

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