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A club set up eight big team to improve guild wars 2 game environment


Say to the guild wars 2 most make people mad place, I think most players will mention a thing - xtras!

This destructive things not only fast corrosion the game itself, but also for players to be mentally and physically exhausted. Be xtras soil preparation of holes of the game it is countless. So to the guild wars 2 this new rising MMO game speaking, A social adopt what kind of means to keep the close son?

According to A club colin gudjohnsen's official bowen, we can get some more to the news of the force. A club is setting up A "secret army"! A commando can be divided into eight groups, the group between each department responsible and are closely linked, aims to build guild wars 2 high-quality game environment.

Now, revelation begins:

Online support group

This branch group frankly GM group. They are responsible for the daily activities processing, such as processing player feedback, or keep the game balance, etc.

Online security group

Well, although I'm don't want to describe, but you can understand them is guild wars 2 online police. They're responsible for monitoring men events and clean up the game junk E-mail (similar to the advertising god horse).

Business supervision group

The group is a bit like industrial and commercial bureau. They are responsible for the game inside and outside currency and business activities of the supervision service is to try to ensure that trade fair, etc.

Life service team

The introduction of this group is unique, they in the game will timely add some game fun, such as special festival activities or something. Tentatively interpreted as funny...

PvP is responsible for group

The group's responsibility is to improve the guild wars 2 competitive, specific how to do it, and only when they appeared to know... Is it and players kumite? Well, it's just guess...

Game effect group

This group is responsible for direction is to solve the problems such as the picture, and Mac user this no longer around to ask the way, there is problem directly to find they were OK.

Mysterious strain group

The group and have not given any specific definition, just know that they are mysterious. CIA, you know...

In order to prevent the destruction of the world, in order to prevent the game is spoiled, let us together look forward to the arrival of a mysterious forces.

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